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About Me     
Hi, my name is Amit27 years old an online marketer born in a small village Ramgarh in Karnal district, India. I am living in Kurukshetra for the past few years. I am a digital marketing consultant, affiliate marketer, and coach. I really appreciate your interest to know about me.

Life is all about struggles & hard work and gets up every time even when life tries to pull you down very very hard.

By managing a team of SEO & PPC  at Ownly Digital LLP. We provide a cost-effective online marketing solution to businesses. We work with the client to set up their online businesses from scratch to generate the ROI. We have worked in educational, health, hospitality, saas & other industries.

We GROW businesses with results-driven SEO.
We develop strategies to generate qualified leads for our partners.
We provide consulting services to the startup to grow their businesses.

Connect with me: [email protected]
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